New videos are coming soon! Keep reading to find out how you can support us in this effort.  


Currently, we are eagerly awaiting edits from our 9/17 show at the Belly Up.  #smashingsuccess 


We also have plans for early 2019 to create videos for our newest singles, "Sweet Elaine," "To The Grave," and, "Thin White Lines."


These songs have yet to be recorded and released, so if you've been enjoying our first record, the wait for new music is almost over. If you're the pre-party type, you can hear our newest music at a live performance. The songs for the new record are fully integrated into our setlist. 


You can support us in producing new recordings and videos by downloading our music using the "your price" feature.  All sales go toward the creation of more music.  Cool, right?

Another great (FREE) way to support us is to opt-in to our email updates.  You'll be the first to know what's happening over at the Cantina. There are some exciting things ahead for us, we would love to have you in our community.