Mammoth Shenanigans

We had such an amazing time entertaining the snow bunnies in Mammoth Lakes last weekend!  The weekend got off to a bit of a rough start when our singer, Carissa, caught the flu the evening before we got into the van to drive up from San Diego.  She balled up in the back of the van and tried to sleep, but ultimately, when we arrived, she was too sick to perform.  Josh, Nick, and Adam performed a show at Kitchen 53 and allowed her to stay in bed at the hotel. By the next morning when her fever had subsided, we were back in action!  Until... our fiddle player, Adam ended up with a pretty acute case of altitude sickness. He managed to suffer through our first show and was feeling a good deal better by the evening show.  The second performance at Kitchen 53 was a huge success, the dance floor was packed, there was a mini mosh pit sort of situation forming up as people were do-si-do-ing with a fervor!  When we finished, the crowd was chanting,"One more song!" at an ear piercing volume.  We felt the love, Mammoth!


Here are a few images from our trip, we hope you enjoy them.