Banjo Pickin' and the Halfway Point

Hey there fellow music lovers - we just wanted to share our progress with you regarding our upcoming, debut album.  We have spent about twenty hours over the course of two days with our producer, Ben Moore, at Singing Serpant Studios. The studio is in the heart of Kensington, and it is absolutely state of the art.  It's main purpose is to serve as a jingle house, and we get to reap the benefits of all of it's gorgeous gear and it's spacious amenities.  Ben, our guy behind the board is the master.  He really works quickly and efficiently to make the most out of our time, and money.  The first day, we tracked guitar, upright bass, and fiddle simultaneously, while Carissa sang guide vocals from the isolation booth.  We were able to get seven songs done in that first session.  During our second session, Josh and Carissa went back in the room to record vocals for three of our tracks in which there are dual lead vocals.  We also had a visit from our buddy Banjo Brent, who went to town on some chicken pickin'!  He literally had everyone in the room smiling and some of us even got up out of our seats and danced while he played.  It's been a great process so far, and we anticipate that one more full day of laying down tracks will get us to the finish line.  Well, the mixing, mastering, and pressing line, at least.