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Latest News

Carrizo Gorge Railway Photoshoot 

We love you, Eric Distel (  Thanks for going on a ghost train adventure with us, armed with about $80 bribery money, some neon plastic club glasses and your lens.  We had a great time shooting these - almost as good of a time as we had at Alpine Brewing Company afterward.  

Which of these photos is your favorite?  Stay tuned to find out which shot made our back album cover when it releases on all digital platforms March 25th, 2018.

Ghost Trains and Bass Solos  

We were lucky enough to have our friend Eric Distel of take some cool desert photos of us last weekend.  We visited Carrizo Gorge Rail Yard and took some photos in vintage, abandoned train cars, took some photos in abandoned bathhouse, and then hit up the DeAnza Springs for some shots on an old movie set, and some more ghost train fun.  Stay tuned for photos, but check out our video we shot in the meantime!   

Save the Date! Record Release Party Has Been Booked 

We are so excited to announce that we have secured our venue for the upcoming record release from RC.  We will be debuting the record in it's entirety on Sunday, March 25th from 4-8 pm at Winston's in OB.  Join us for a Sunday Funday on the beach, featuring three bands TBD, a live co-lab painting from Sierra Colt and Brady Willmott of Bearcat Tattoo Gallery inspired by one of the songs off our album, and possible some other super awesome performacne art between bands.  All the details will be posted as they emerge, but please mark your calendars now so you don't miss out on our first major milestone as a band!  Thanks for your support up until now and always!

Mammoth Shenanigans 

We had such an amazing time entertaining the snow bunnies in Mammoth Lakes last weekend!  The weekend got off to a bit of a rough start when our singer, Carissa, caught the flu the evening before we got into the van to drive up from San Diego.  She balled up in the back of the van and tried to sleep, but ultimately, when we arrived, she was too sick to perform.  Josh, Nick, and Adam performed a show at Kitchen 53 and allowed her to stay in bed at the hotel. By the next morning when her fever had subsided, we were back in action!  Until... our fiddle player, Adam ended up with a pretty acute case of altitude sickness. He managed to suffer through our first show and was feeling a good deal better by the evening show.  The second performance at Kitchen 53 was a huge success, the dance floor was packed, there was a mini mosh pit sort of situation forming up as people were do-si-do-ing with a fervor!  When we finished, the crowd was chanting,"One more song!" at an ear piercing volume.  We felt the love, Mammoth!


Here are a few images from our trip, we hope you enjoy them.  

Rosa's Cantina Tour 

Well howdy there! We are very excited to announce that Josh Renner and Carissa Schroeder (the songwriting team behind Rosa's Cantina) will be headed out on the road this May. They will be on a quest to share our music and make new friends and new fans along the way.  And eat. So. Much. Barbecue. 

During the first three weeks of May, 2018, the duo will be traveling through the midwest and the south, visiting Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.  Then back to Missouri for some family time.  Did you know that Josh and Carissa are both Missouri natives?  They met in San Diego, unaware of their common home state, but quickly saw the kindred, midwestern spirit in each other as their songs started to take shape.  Their first co-write was titled, "Don't Go to California," and it touches on the skepticism and, often, xenophobia, associated with leaving small-town America for the bright lights of the city.  

Dates and venues for the tour are still being firmed up, so we will be sure to keep you updated along the way.  They hope they will get to meet you at a show!

Podcast Alert! Murder Country with Rosa's Cantina   Podcast

(You have to!) Listen to Josh and Carissa chatting with the members of @kingtaylorproject on Episode 21 of the About!...Podcast. After the show aired, they admitted that even though the show is usually only about 20 minutes, they left this one with a 50 minute run time, because they couldn't bear to edit out any more of this pure-gold podcast content! If you have a morning commute, we will make you laugh through the dregs of traffic.  Bonus - between jokes there is an actual interview about the climate of the San Diego music scene, the struggle to balance art with admin, and some songwriting technique.  We hope you enjoy this one as much as we do.!/posts/About-Murder-Country-with-Rosas-Cantina/21

  1. Murder Country with Rosa's Cantina

Banjo Pickin' and the Halfway Point  

Hey there fellow music lovers - we just wanted to share our progress with you regarding our upcoming, debut album.  We have spent about twenty hours over the course of two days with our producer, Ben Moore, at Singing Serpant Studios. The studio is in the heart of Kensington, and it is absolutely state of the art.  It's main purpose is to serve as a jingle house, and we get to reap the benefits of all of it's gorgeous gear and it's spacious amenities.  Ben, our guy behind the board is the master.  He really works quickly and efficiently to make the most out of our time, and money.  The first day, we tracked guitar, upright bass, and fiddle simultaneously, while Carissa sang guide vocals from the isolation booth.  We were able to get seven songs done in that first session.  During our second session, Josh and Carissa went back in the room to record vocals for three of our tracks in which there are dual lead vocals.  We also had a visit from our buddy Banjo Brent, who went to town on some chicken pickin'!  He literally had everyone in the room smiling and some of us even got up out of our seats and danced while he played.  It's been a great process so far, and we anticipate that one more full day of laying down tracks will get us to the finish line.  Well, the mixing, mastering, and pressing line, at least.